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Our Company

EastWest Healthcare, Inc. was established to provide efficient programs that shall be the prudent alternative in terms of coverage, service quality and cost. We advocate providing our clients with the very best of services and product quality – a commitment anchored on professional customer focus.

Managed and ably manned by experienced, caring and committed personnel, EastWest Healthcare’s manpower consists of medical people with extensive and varied exposures, knowledge and ability in healthcare maintenance organization concepts and operations.

EastWest Healthcare integrates itself with its accredited entities in the effort of providing healthcare, with service as the foremost objective in each respective vision and mission. Leaders in the medical industry that are one with EastWest Healthcare includes: Hospitals, Full-Service Clinics, Medical Doctors, Dentists, Specialty Medical and/or Health facilities all over the country.

Our expertise in healthcare management and products customization provides our subscribers added value on services availed such as, but not limited to, medical program administration, medical guarantee, third party administration, preventive and promotive health programs, and claims administration among others.

As very much part of services extended to our subscribers, EastWest Healthcare, Inc. also engages in provision of special aggregate stop loss coverage to protect clients against major aberrations in their medical utilization experiences, thus giving our clients controlled costs in medical management.

In addition, EastWest Healthcare, Inc. conducts and manages out-sourced businesses that cater to the various demands, needs and/or requirements; such as in the fields of annual physical examinations, executive check-ups, dental capitated programs, and financial assistance directly underwritten by major industry players, thus ensuring that the best packages are secured for our subscribers.

With focus on total service commitment to our members, EastWest Healthcare expectantly places a smile with every service rendered – a sincere and reliable plan administrator….. EastWest Healthcare is your partner… the prudent choice!

Corporate Values


Regard our customers with utmost care and concern, deal with them truthfully and equitably


Strive to fully and deeply understand our customers emotionally as well as intellectually


Strong and reliable company, that earned the trust and confidence of the insuring public


Clear and definitive perspective of where we are headed


Reflects persistence and commitment to reach higher levels of achievement


YEAR 2006
Licensing and formal incorporation of Eastwest Healthcare Inc. by the Department of Health and Security Exchange Commission.
Formidable network establishment

YEAR 2015
Attained the broadest networks in the industry with more than 1,000 hospitals and clinics, and exceeding 15,000 doctors and dentists

YEAR 2016
Paid-up from 15 million to 50 million
Authorized from 15 million to 100 million