1. Rediscover yourself, be challenged and reach your full potential
Our working environment offers consistent opportunities to develop superior skills

2. Work with the experts in healthcare management

3. Be part in making lives healthier
More than the desire to be the HMO leader, EW creates an opportunity to be part of something that contributes to not just clients, but to the Filipino public's health through our products and other social activities.

4. Experience work and life balance
It's not all about the compensation, but a positive working environment that suits the employees' lifestyle in order to accomodate personal needs is one thing that the company is considered of.


STEP 1: Application and submission of pre-employment requirements. Click here to apply

STEP 2: Take the written assesment

STEP 3: Undergo the initial interview by the HR personel-in-charge

STEP 4: Be interviewed by the department manager to discover if the skills and knowledge match the job requirements

STEP 5: Take the final interview by the HR Director

STEP 6: Congratulations! You've received the offer and sign the employment agreement

How to be accredited broker

  • Accomplished Information Sheet with 2x2 ID picture of signatory
  • Copies of 2 valid ID's
  • Letter of Intent for Accreditation addressed to Ms. Vilma Vizcarra, VP Corporate Management (agency or broker)
  • SEC Certificate of Incorporation/Partnership/Proprietorship with Articles of Incorporation (agency or broker)
  • Insurance Commission Certificate of Insurance Brokers/Agency License
  • Latest FS (agency or broker)